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We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our baby boy would be born with a cleft. This is his story.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dallin's accessories

I'm sure you have noticed that Dallin is now wearing the hottest trends in accessories:)

The Logan's Bow

The Logan's Bow is the metal appliance that is taped to Dallin's face. It is there to protect his lip from accidentally getting hit or touched. He'll wear this for about 4 weeks.

Nose StentsDallin has nose stents sewed into his nose. These tubes are there to help keep the structure of his nose intact as everything heals. Dallin's left nare was somewhat flat, and his nose repair helped "fix" that (I liked his nose the way it was, so I'm not sure "fix" is the right word). I'm not exactly sure how long these will stay in, but at least until our follow up visit in September.

The Arm Restraints or "No-No's"

These bad boys are on to make sure Dallin doesn't put his hands in his face and mess with the incision site. We don't want to have to do any emergency lip repairs! He'll have to wear these for about 4 weeks as well. Honestly, they're not as bad as you might think. I take them off a lot when I can watch him and make sure he doesn't put his hands where he is not supposed to. He mostly just wears them when he is sleeping. He is used to being swaddled (we made sure of that!) so the no-no's aren't too big of a deal for him. Yet.

Dallin is adjusting very well to his new accessories! He seems to go cross eyed quite a bit, trying to focus on the Logan's bow:) It was funny- in the hospital, they took off his arm restraints for a minute to let him stretch, and he had his hand up and grasping that Logan's Bow before anyone even had a chance to stop him! He had a death grip on that thing and it took quite a bit of prying to get him to let go! I told the nurses he must have been planning that: "The second they take these things off, I am grabbing that stupid metal thing!"
Hunter has been very good so far and hasn't tried to touch Dallin's face or yank on the Logan's Bow. The first time Hunter saw Dallin, he got a sad look on his face and said, "Mouth!" He knows something is different and that Dallin doesn't feel his best, so he's being very nice to him (mostly by just leaving him alone:)).

Don't be surprised if you start noticing all the babies wearing these hot new fashion trends:)

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Nic and Shannon Rich said...

I'm gonna go pick some up for Connor today!! So in my dream the Logans Bow had a lot more to with holding things in place rather than keeping hands away!! Now you know why it was so bad!! lol