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We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our baby boy would be born with a cleft. This is his story.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 months old and 3 weeks post-op

It's hard to believe it's only been three weeks since Dallin's surgery- he looks so good and we have adjusted really quickly to his new beautiful smile! We had his follow up appointment this week with Dr. Morales. I have been so looking forward to this appt! I was so excited to be done with the arm restraints and the logan's bow, although truthfully we haven't been great using them. Mostly I was excited to get the nose stent out. It gets plugged up with boogers and makes it hard for Dallin to breathe.

Dr. Morales was very pleased with Dallin's recovery! It was funny, he acted like he didn't want to brag, but couldn't help but comment on how good he looked. We think so too:) Then he undid the stitch in his nose and took out the stent! Yeah! And then put it right back in. Boo! Turns out Dallin has to keep wearing the stent for 3 months! I really was not expecting that. As the scar in his nose continues to heal, it can tighten up and make his nostril close up in the stent isn't in. I understand the reasoning, but that doesn't make me excited to do it. I want to look at my baby and just see him! I took his nose stent out last night and just stared at his cute little nose forever.

We started massaging his scar with vitamin e oil. As his scar heals, it gets tighter, and is making his lip pull up a little. The massaging will help with that.

It's been fun to be here in Provo where no one knows that Dallin had a cleft. The nose stent prompts a lot of questions- does he have health problems? Does he have problems breathing? I think it's funny because his nose has never even been the problem! When I say that he was born with a cleft lip and that his surgery was only 3 weeks ago, people are really surprised! They say they never would have known he had a cleft. That makes me so happy. I have hoped this whole time that Dallin would never have to look or feel different.

Just some advice for when you come across someone who looks different:

-If you are a friend, neighbor, family member, etc. it is okay to ask appropriate questions. I have no problem at all answering any questions you may have!
-If you are a random person in the grocery store or at the bank, please don't ask. It's not really any of your business.

We love Mr. Dallin so much and are so happy with how this is turning out. We still miss his cleft; I keep looking at pictures before the surgery so that I can see that cute smile I miss so much. But we love this new smile, too and are excited for Dallin that it is looking so good!


kathy said...

How could you NOT love that smile? I mean, the cleft was adorable, but he's just flat-out handsome now!

Unknown said...

I miss you and your cute family! Both of your boys look so cute! They look a lot alike I think. I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went so well. You are truly an inspiration to me with all your sweet words on your blog. What a good mom you are. I hope all finds your family well. Have a great day!
Love, Camille Hustad