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We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our baby boy would be born with a cleft. This is his story.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There has been only one day so far in Dallin's life that he hasn't had to go to the doctor- Memorial Day. Which means only one day when his poor little heel did not get poked. Dallin has been jaundiced so we've had bilirubin checks everyday. He's been on a bilibed for almost a week now. It's so hard because I want to hold my sweet newborn! Instead I've had to be content with watching him on the bed. We've snuck in some holding time here and there:) We are hoping to say farewell to the bilibed soon!!

I took Dallin in for an ultrasound on his kidneys on Wednesday. I haven't heard from his doctor yet, and since I only met with an ultrasound tech, all I know is that his kidneys are still dilated. Bummer. Still hoping they resolve on their own. I meet with his doctor tomorrow.

Greg and I drove down to Primary Children's Medical Center today to meet with a plastic surgeon about Dallin's lip. We loved the surgeon, Dr. Morales. He answered all our questions and was very positive about the repair. He is a fantastic surgeon and is nationally known for his work. We know Dallin will be in good hands! His surgery is scheduled for August 2nd.
This is a timeline for surgeries. The far left column is surgeries for a cleft lip only. The far right column is for cleft lip and palate. We feel so blessed that Dallin's palate is not involved! The difference in the number of surgeries is huge!

Between all the doctor visits that seem to take a ton of our time, we have sure been loving this sweet baby! He has such a calm disposition and LOVES to cuddle. Hunter has been such a good helper and has really loved his brother, for the most part:) Sometimes he lays down next to him and says, "Hi cute boy!" He'll give him his pacifier when he's sad, and show him his toys if he's not liking the bilibed. It's been so fun to watch them interact!

Love our cute boy!!

Hunter is so big!!

Trying to make Dallin happy. So sweet!

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